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Herbalife Founder

HerbalifeAn extraordinary success story began more than 24 years ago with the dream of one man—Herbalife founder Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes 1956 - 2000

A profound promise
When Mark Hughes’ mother died tragically from unsafe dieting at the age of 36, her teenage son made a profound promise—to find a way to help people lose weight safely. Mark was determined to develop a nutritionally sound program that was simple yet offered life-changing results.

A powerful solution
In his quest to learn more about good nutrition and weight management, Mark traveled to China. There, he studied the power of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. When he returned, Mark drew upon all he’d learned to fulfill his promise. He began by bringing together a team of respected medical and nutritional experts… the team that would soon create Herbalife’s breakthrough formulas.

The beginning of a revolution
In 1980, Herbalife launched with a handful of exceptional products. The reputation of its powerful health solutions spread quickly as hundreds—and then thousands—of delighted customers achieved weight loss while improving their overall health and wellness. The Herbalife product line was proudly extended as the company continued to grow. Expanding to include targeted nutritional supplements and personal-care formulas, Herbalife customers enjoyed the unique benefits of a complete, personalized program for a lifetime of well-being.

The fulfillment of a dream
Today, Herbalife is a thriving weight-management, nutrition and personal-care company serving millions of satisfied customers around the world with hundreds of scientifically advanced products. Thanks to Mark’s dream, each year Herbalife continues to transform the lives of people everywhere through a powerful, simplified approach to better nutrition.


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